Liver And Biliary Tract Diseases: Various Liver Or Biliary Tract Disorders, Such As Liver Cancer And Biliary Atresia, Can Cause Itchy Skin By Accumulating Bile Salts In The Skin.

As a response to this pyrogenic activity, the hypothalamus raises the body temperature. The episodes that occur at night tend to be more severe than the ones that occur acupuncture and anxiety during the day. Pneumonia and Pneumothorax - Pneumonia refers to lung inflammation caused by bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections. Liver and Biliary Tract Diseases: Various liver or biliary tract disorders, such as liver cancer and biliary atresia, can cause itchy skin by accumulating bile salts in the skin. It is possible that the type of lung disease may involve both the alveoli and the bronchi. This condition also makes women prone to vaginal infections. The doctor may recommend hormonal imbalance treatment to relieve fever and other problems associated with hormonal changes. He may also resort to prescribing you anti-inflammatory like Bretnazone or anticancer drugs to further avoid the deterioration of the symptoms. To stop bacterial growth and prevent the infection from getting worse is the main intention behind giving azithromycin. This diuretic herb works great for kidney stones and enema fluid retention. Now gently blow your nose to drain the mucus.

Vision distortion is a common symptom reported by the patient. The episodes that occur at night tend to be more severe than the ones that occur during the day. The degree of pain varies, from dull to sharp.

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